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Planet Fitness, well known for their "Judgement Free Zone" philosophy, provides a welcoming environment for individuals of all fitness levels. Established in 1992 and quickly expanding internationally since, they now boast over 2000 locations globally with purple and yellow branding making an impressionable first impression for many fitness enthusiasts looking for comfortable yet non-intimidating gym experiences.

Planet Fitness features state-of-the-art equipment as well as numerous group fitness classes as well as offering Black Card members additional perks such as tanning beds or massage chairs to add comfort.

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Membership Options

Annual Membership Fee at Planet Fitness

Initiation Fee

Payment Plans

Free Trial Period

Cancellation Policy 

Benefits of Planet Fitness Membership


Membership Options

Planet Fitness provides two main membership packages tailored to the diverse needs of their members: Basic Membership and Black Card Membership.

Basic Memberships: Planet Fitness offers two membership plans with access to our facilities: Basic (comprising cardio and strength training equipment, locker rooms and select group fitness classes), as well as Home Club membership (enabling members to use any location within their designated area as home club); this membership type offers individuals who seek an efficient workout without extra frills an economical solution.

Black Card Membership: For members looking for enhanced benefits beyond those available with Basic Memberships, a Black Card Membership provides enhanced perks beyond accessing amenities available to Basic members such as massage chairs, tanning beds and hydro-massage beds. In addition, they can bring one guest for free each visit - perfect if working out alone can become tedious over time! Moreover, Black Card members have access to any Planet Fitness location nationwide which expands fitness options when travelling or commuting.

Planet Fitness stands behind both membership plans with their pledge of affordability and inclusiveness, guaranteeing that individuals of any fitness level can find something suitable to them both financially and fitness-wise.

Annual Membership Fee at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness' annual membership fees differ based on which membership type is selected; typically Basic Memberships have annual fees that typically fall in between $29 to $39. These annual charges cover administrative costs associated with maintaining gym facilities as well as any necessary repairs that need to be performed on them.

Black Card Membership fees typically fall in the range of $39-$49 annually and cover administrative costs as well as providing access to premium amenities like tanning beds, massage chairs and hydro-massage beds.

Note that annual membership fees differ from monthly dues payments and typically fall due on your anniversary date of joining. Members will typically be informed in advance and can choose whether to have it automatically deducted from their accounts, or pay it upfront themselves.

At Planet Fitness, the membership fee represents an affordable investment in maintaining quality and accessibility at their gym facilities, so members can experience a rewarding fitness journey all year long.

Initiation Fee

Planet Fitness charges new members an initiation fee upon joining, covering administrative costs related to opening an account and accessing gym facilities.

Initial membership initiation fees typically range between $1 and $49 depending on location and current promotions; some offers even waive these upfront charges entirely allowing members to join for reduced or no upfront cost!

Before signing up for membership at any club or facility, prospective members should always inquire about and understand its initiation fee as it can vary based on club type and ongoing promotions. It should also be remembered that an initiation fee differs from monthly dues payments as it only needs to be paid once at time of joining.

Planet Fitness' initiation fee represents an initial investment for new members; it also helps support its operations and maintenance ensuring facilities remain accessible, clean, well-equipped, and accessible for everyone.

As per industry norm, our fee covers any associated costs related to initiating memberships.

Payment Plans

Planet Fitness provides flexible payment plans designed to accommodate its members' diverse needs and preferences, making membership fees easier to afford while satisfying budgetary and lifestyle considerations. Each member can select an arrangement best suited to them in terms of both cost and convenience.

Monthly Payment Plan at Planet Fitness: Monthly payments are our go-to payment option and provide members with ease of mind by charging them a fixed monthly membership dues fee automatically from either their credit card or bank account, offering peace of mind to members seeking hassle-free payment plans.

Annual Payment Options: Some members may prefer paying their membership upfront in full on an annual basis, which enables them to avoid monthly payments and may provide a slight discount over month-by-month payments. Annual payments should usually be completed when joining or on its anniversary date.

Prepaid Membership Plans: Planet Fitness also offers flexible prepayment membership plans where members can pay in advance for either several months or the whole year's fitness expenses. Prepaid plans offer ample financial flexibility and may be suitable for people looking to budget ahead for fitness expenses.

Planet Fitness strives to offer membership plans that are convenient, transparent and easily accessible so everyone can experience a positive fitness journey that remains cost effective and positive.

Free Trial Period

Planet Fitness often provides prospective members with a free trial period in order to allow them to test out its facilities and services before making a commitment to membership. Individuals may visit, utilize equipment, take group fitness classes (if available) and discover amenities before making their decision based on whether Planet Fitness will fulfill their fitness goals and preferences.

Duration of Free Trial Period can depend on promotions or club policies; in general, free trials usually last one day to one week in length to give individuals enough time to assess a gym's atmosphere and offerings.

Take advantage of a free trial by signing up online or visiting their nearest gym to register, depending on what's offered by each club; some clubs require guests to provide contact info or complete a waiver before being admitted into their facilities.

Experience our "Judgement Free Zone" environment first-hand and witness why millions of people choose Planet Fitness as part of their fitness journeys. Take an informed decision without incurring a financial commitment upfront! The free trial period at Planet Fitness gyms gives individuals a fantastic opportunity to experience our "Judgement Free Zone".

Cancellation Policy 

Planet Fitness maintains a straightforward cancellation policy designed to offer its members maximum flexibility when seeking to end their membership. The cancellation process typically includes several steps.

Notification of Cancellation: Members seeking to cancel their Planet Fitness membership typically must provide written notice of their intention to do so, whether in-person at the gym, via email, or using the member portal on Planet Fitness website. This notice can often be submitted through various channels including in-person at gym locations or emailing member services representative of Planet Fitness directly.

Timing: To ensure membership fees don't incur for the following month, cancellation notice must typically be provided prior to each billing cycle. Exact dates may differ based on membership agreements or club policies.

Planet Fitness typically sends members who submit cancellation notices a confirmation acknowledging receipt and providing details about an effective date for cancellation. Members should keep this documentation as evidence that their request for cancellation has been filed successfully.

Final Payments: According to their membership agreements, members may need to fulfill any outstanding financial obligations, such as paying their remaining days on this billing cycle or any outstanding fees or charges that have accrued during that time frame.

Planet Fitness strives to make their cancellation process as straightforward and streamlined as possible, so members may cancel without hassle or unnecessary fuss. However, individuals must first review and adhere to any cancellation policies detailed within their membership agreement in order to guarantee an efficient cancellation procedure.

Benefits of Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness membership comes equipped with benefits that aim to assist members in reaching their fitness goals and leading a healthy lifestyle:

Accessible Facilities: Members have access to fully equipped gym facilities that include cardio and strength training equipment for customized workouts tailored to their fitness levels and preferences.

Judgement-Free Environment: Planet Fitness' non-intimidating and supportive atmosphere ensures individuals of all fitness levels feel welcome, free from judgment or criticism.

Friendly Staff: Knowledgeable and approachable staff members are on-hand to assist members with equipment usage, answer their inquiries, and offer guidance in reaching fitness goals.

Group Fitness Classes: Planet Fitness locations typically offer group fitness classes like Zumba, yoga and circuit training which give members access to instructor-led workouts led by certified fitness professionals.

Black Card Benefits: Members who opt for Black Card membership enjoy additional perks such as access to massage chairs, tanning beds, hydro-massage beds and the opportunity to bring one guest free each visit.

24/7 Access: Some Planet Fitness locations provide 24-hour access for members' workout needs, enabling them to work out any time day or night and providing flexibility with busy schedules.

Cleanliness and Safety: Planet Fitness prides itself on maintaining an immaculate facility for members to exercise safely in, with established cleaning and disinfection protocols in place to guarantee their wellbeing.

Nationwide Access: With membership at Planet Fitness, individuals have easy access to any location nationwide - perfect for travel or relocation purposes!

Overall, Planet Fitness membership provides individuals with all of the tools and support needed for an empowering fitness experience within an inclusive community.


Planet Fitness provides a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where individuals of all fitness levels can pursue their wellness goals confidently. Offering affordable membership plans with convenient facilities as well as its signature "Judgement Free Zone" philosophy, Planet Fitness stands out as an attractive gym choice that doesn't overwhelm users or intimidate newcomers to the fitness realm.

Planet Fitness strives to offer its members the resources and amenities necessary for reaching fitness. This may mean accessing state-of-the-art equipment, participating in group fitness classes or enjoying Black Card membership benefits - something there's something for everyone at Planet Fitness!

Planet Fitness places great emphasis on cleanliness, safety and accessibility to ensure its members' wellbeing - creating an inclusive community where individuals feel supported in meeting their health and fitness goals.

Planet Fitness stands by the idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue a healthier lifestyle, and is distinguished in this industry due to their focus on affordable membership, inclusive classes and positive experiences for members.

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